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When creating the pool on the Web App, you can choose to receive notifications according to 4 settings: no notification, by receipt of an email, by a notification on the phone, or jointly email and notification.
Notifications can be configured when creating the pool but also by editing the information later depending on the chosen pack.

When creating your user account, depending on the package chosen beforehand, you may receive various notifications.
They will arrive in the notification tool of your phone, on the email address attached to the account, jointly or separately .

You can very simply deactivate the notifications sent by your EZPool box by the Web app or even through your application. It is also possible to deactivate notifications directly from the settings menu of your smartphone, under notifications.


When the wifi network is unavailable, the box applies locally the programming that you had indicated to it in accordance with the last adjustments that you had chosen. If, despite this, you wish to use your pool or your equipment manually, your electrical box remains fully functional.

If your internet box is far from your local swimming pool, the signal may not reach your box. In this case, it is possible to amplify the signal of your box by several solutions, a signal repeater or even PLC sockets allowing you to circulate the internet network from your house to your technical room by plugging in a PLC module. . If necessary, do not hesitate to talk to your pool specialist, we have several solutions to amplify your internet network.

The EZPool system requires an internet connection but it is not greedy in the consumed resource. It is nevertheless necessary for this connection to be stable in order to be able to control the box easily. For the connection with the technical room, there are 2 main solutions for connecting the EZ1 box to the WiFi network when the signal from the box is insufficient. You can thus use:
- An outdoor antenna (WiFi repeater) which will repeat the WiFi network,
- A WiFi powerline socket which will use the home's electrical network to route it near the technical room.

The EZPool system needs a connection to the WIFI network in order to operate. When the wifi network is unavailable, the box applies locally the programming that you had indicated to it in accordance with the last adjustments that you had chosen. If, despite this, you wish to use your pool or your equipment manually, your electrical box remains fully functional.


EZPool works on several elements of the pool:
a. Filtration time: depending on the temperature of the air, the water and the volume of the pool, the filtration time must adapt to different variations. Here EZPool will automatically calculate the time required for the pump to operate in automatic mode.
b. Depending on the measurements made by the pH and Redox probes, EZPool will coordinate the operating time of your treatment solutions in order to adopt the ideal dosage according to your settings.
Remotely, you can control the operation of your pump heat. By controlling the pool and its devices, it is possible to optimize their operation and save energy and treatment products.

Thanks to the EZ App, you can control your pool wherever you are, the only requirement is that your EZPool box is correctly set up, powered and under wifi coverage and that your phone has an internet connection to be able to use the application.

In addition to the equipment supplied with EZ1 (air and water temperature probe, water flow probe, filtration pump programming, lighting management) and EZ2 (chlorine level probe, pH level , information on the water pressure, information on the opening / closing of your electric shutter), it is possible to add 3 devices by dry contacts (such as a heat pump, garden lighting, robot swimming pool, a swim against the current, a fountain).

EZPool is a completely scalable solution that constantly adapts to your needs, several boxes with different functionalities can be added over time. For example, if you choose after installing your EZ2 box to equip your swimming pool with a heat pump, and to be able to connect it to your EZPool system, it is quite possible to do so.

In fact, the EZ2 box allows you to combine 3 additional devices that you can connect at installation or later. You will be able to control the heat pump, the swimming against the current, the lighting around the swimming pool, the robot, a fountain, etc ...

It is actually always possible for you to take control of your pool equipped with an EZPool box, nothing could be simpler, the switch on the electrical panel allows you to switch to manual mode in order to manage your pool manually.

Depending on the water temperature and when programmed in AUTO mode, EZPool will start the pump for 10 minutes every hour when the water temperature is below 2°C, thus eliminating the need to add a wintering box.


This is an electrical contact with no potential difference between its two terminals. Here, the dry contacts act as a switch that you can choose to open or close. Warning: As contacts EXT1 and EXT2 have the same common, the voltage sent must be the same.

The pH and Redox probes analyze the parameters of your water.
They will have a dual role:
- To inform you about the level of chlorine and pH in the pool,
- To automate the distribution of Chlorine and / or pH.

At each commissioning (new or restarted), it is necessary to calibrate the probes to ensure that the interpreted value is consistent and reliable.
Ideally, the probes must be calibrated during the installation, after wintering the pool and to be complete twice a season. It is the correct reading of the pH and Redox values that will allow EZPool to correctly dose the treatment products and therefore optimize savings.

The EZPool system is scalable. Currently you can connect 2 boxes (EZ1 and EZ2) together by technical rooms, allowing you to meet a very large majority of your customers' expectations both from an information point of view, as well as from a follow-up and support in operational management of the swimming pool.

The filtration pump will be connected to the EZ1 box on the one hand and on the other hand to terminals A1 and A2 of the pump contactor. Thus, the electrical box remains master and the EZPool system is placed in an additional layer.

As with the filtration pump, the pool projector connects to the EZ1 box and connects to the primary lighting circuit.

You must only use the EXT3 position to connect and control your heat pump.
The minimum temperature entered must be 1 to 2°C lower than the setpoint temperature indicated on the heat pump. In this case, EZPool will force the operation of the filtration pump to quickly reach this minimum temperature in order to allow the pool to approach the set point fixed on the heat pump. The unit will then switch to the previously selected operating mode of the filtration pump on the EZPool unit (Heating priority principle).

Exterior lighting will be connected to the EXT1, EXT2 or EXT3 terminal blocks of the EZ2 box.

The electrolysis system and the pH regulator must be connected to the EZ2 box at the locations specified in the installation instructions.

All you have to do is connect the RJ11 socket to the EZ1 box. Without any other adjustment, the box will be automatically recognized and will be able to return the information which is specific to it.

No, it is necessary to first install the EZ1 box to benefit from the functionality of the EZ2 box.

It is mandatory to have an active Bluetooth connection to connect the box. This allows the boxes to be paired with the home's WiFi network.

There is the interface which allows you and your client to log in to find out about the different options and control the pool.
With your professional access, you have access to the pool of all your customers in order to manage them remotely and be able to intervene at the request of your customers or preventively.


It is indeed necessary for the client and the box to be declared on the network in order to benefit from all the services associated with the EZPool offer.

All your personal data and the use of your swimming pool equipment are protected and hosted in France by a dedicated and specialized company that guarantees the protection of your data.

If you change pool provider, it is of course possible to continue to be supported in the management and maintenance of your pool and its equipment. Call us at or send us an email directly at



A number of criteria determine the size of a pool heat pump.

The first factors to consider are: the size of the pool you wish to heat. The region and climatic conditions in which it's located, as well as the distance between the equipment room, the pool and the pool heat pump. A selection tool is available here to help you choose the right WPool heat pump. You can also request a personalized heat balance from one of our dealers, who will recommend the WPool pool heat pump that's right for you, based on specific criteria.

For more information on the criteria for choosing a pool heat pump, visit :| WPool

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