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Discover and consult our new W catalog 2021 which presents all the products WPool, WPure, WPump and EZPool , the brands distributed by Warmpac.



Heat pumps

WPool , pool heating specialist for more than ten years, offers five series of heat pumps. Based on new technologies and needs, products evolve and the range is enriched with new models. This equipment is able to meet the needs of all pool volumes, whether for individuals or professionals.

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If the pool or spa is indoors, the dehumidifier is an essential equipment. WPool offers a very design model. The new models also offer the possibility of heating the air by adding hot water or an electric resistance.

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Filtration pumps

We now offer a complete range of filtration pumps covering all private pools grouped under our brand WPump and composed of SO Flow-S , our pump single speed filtration, of SO Flow-V , our variable speed filtration pump, of SO Power-S , our powerful single speed filtration pump and of SO Power-C , our connected variable speed filtration pump.

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Water Treatment


WPure brings together all of the water treatment products. The new range consists of Colibri CC , a new salt electrolysis, of Electral , a low salinity electrolysis that works with only 0.5g of salt per liter and of Sanus , our new pH regulation.

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A pioneer in this area, EZPool invites swimming pool automation to invest in the pool area. Thanks to EZ1, EZ2 and your smartphone, it is now possible to control certain water parameters. The function of EZPool: to simplify your life by being connected to your swimming pool to save you treatment products.

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