Headlines: Warmpac is Great Place To Work Certified

Warmpac is Great Place To Work Certified

Warmpac is Great Place To Work Certified

Because of the importance of the human relationship in the company and in order to improve its managerial practices, the Warmpac company has decided to be evaluated by the organization Great Place To Work .

This organization is the world reference in terms of employee experience. Through a questionnaire, all of the company's employees responded anonymously to questions relating to 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness constituting the relationship of trust between employees and managers, pride and conviviality.

This is how on July 7, 2022, Warmpac was certified Great Place To Work. The specialist in technical equipment for swimming pools is now certified as a company where it is good to work, where employees trust their management, feel proud of what they do and appreciate the people they work with.

Warmpac becomes the first Vitrollaise organization to be certified, all categories combined GPTW.

The Warmpac company even entered the race to be on the podium of the Best Work Places list. To be continued…

About Warmpac

Warmpac is a family group present in France and Asia. It designs and imports swimming pool products for the French market.

Warmpac distributes either under distributor brands or under its own brands WPool for heat pumps, WPure for water treatment, WPump for filtration pumps and EZPool for home automation.

About Great Place To Work®

Great Place To Work® is the global benchmark for employee experience. Since 1992 worldwide and 2002 in France, we have interviewed more than 100M employees across 60 countries. Their answers allowed us to determine what defines a quality employee experience. At the heart of this success, there is a key notion: trust. It is on trust that we have founded a unique methodology, which allows us to help organizations create an inclusive work environment, manage their HR strategy and improve their performance.

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