Headlines: The Warmpac company changes its graphic identity

The Warmpac company changes its graphic identity

We must accept the change but keep our principles.

Jimmy Carter

On the occasion of this year 2021, and following an important evolution of our activity, the company Warmpac is changing its graphic identity.

Why this change?

Warmpac, a pool heat pump specialist for more than 15 years, has been a prescriber of new technologies that have enabled it to increase its activity to become one of the leaders in heat pump in France and to invest in additional resources to offer new services.

For two years, the company Warmpac designs and distributes new ranges of products, EZPool for home automation and technical room automation, BrightBlue for the treatment of water, and recently a range of filtration pumps. Our ambition is to become the specialist in technical, automatic and connected products for your swimming pools.

This is why we have worked on a new graphic identity allowing us to present our ranges around a graphic logic:

Logo Warmpac 2021    replace    Logo Warmpac

Logo WPool    replace    Logo Warmpool

Logo WPure
for our water treatment range (BrightBlue)

Logo WPump
for our new filtration pumps

Logo WServices
for training, automation and connectivity

With this new graphic charter and all of these new products, the Warmpac company affirms its ambitions resolutely focused on quality, technology and service in order to best support our customers.

In W we trust !

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